Dev posts from IRC Edit

The following is a list of dev posts from IRC, that may or may not have a home elsewhere on the wiki. Feel free to copy the dev comments here include timestamp if possible, data can be integrated into other wiki pages and removed from here eventually.

Offline Player Characters (OPC) Edit

Incapping OPC Edit

You can incap but not force an OPC to walk the astral plane

Dragging OPC Edit

PCs can drag OPC bodies a short distance. Unknown if game mechanic restraining long-distance dragging of a body.

Permadeath Edit

If an OPC is 'dead' for 10 Elyrian Years (40 Real Time Days), it will permadie. This means a players soul will be separated from it's body. Unknown what this means for the player who takes a month or three off from the game to come back to their character expecting it to still be alive (even if in it's later years).