Death is as much a part of the world of Elyria as it is in real life; however, in Elyria there are two types of death: “incapacitation” and permadeath. “In most games death is what happens when your health reaches zero. Generally once dead you are teleported to some nearby recall point and have the opportunity to live again, usually without consequences, so you can continue your quest. In Chronicles of Elyria, there are actually three different things which most games would classify as "dying." Each of them comes with varying degrees of consequences for all players involved.”[1]

Incapacitation Edit

Incapacitation is similar to “killing” in other games and happens during any combat event where the person’s health is dropped to zero. The character goes unconscious for a short period of time where the screen is completely black with the exception of a small timer telling them how much longer it will take to regain consciousness. The player can’t see anything but they can still hear what’s going on around them. Incapacitation is still a crime and will typically come with a small amount of jail time if arrested.

While unconscious, other players can do things such as “Quick Loot” your body, tie you up for capture or tow your body around a short distance. Incapacitation does NOT result in any long term penalties: no spirit loss or reduced lifespan.

Permadeath & Spirit Walking Edit

See Coup De Grace

Astral Plane Heavenly

The second form of death is Spirit Walking. Spirit Walking is what happens when evil humans or creatures aim to kill the player (most beasts and NPCs will simply incapacitate you) and perform a Coup De Grace. When this happens, you will hear your unconscious self scream, and your screen will transition from black to a vision of the Astral Plane (see Astral Plane). Once you enter the Astral Plane, you’ll see a small silver cord which goes from your soul to a highly saturated version of your mortal body that has manifested on the Plane some distance away, which is your connection to the physical world.

Your connection to the physical world slowly deteriorates as time goes on, if enough time passes and you do not return back to your moral body, your body will become uninhabitable and your soul will be forced to make its way back to the Akashic Records; this is permadeath.

See Spirit Walking for more information.

Looting Edit

Quick Loot

While someone is incapacitated, players will only have time to grab a few quick things; specifically, any money in the player’s purse or items that had been in their hands (weapons, animals that they may have been riding or guiding including pack animals). You will not have time to unbuckle anything (belt & scabbard), remove any armor, or rummage their backpack.

Inventory Loot

When someone is Spirit Walking, you have a bit more time to grab items off their person. In addition to quick loot options, players may also unbuckle things (take their sword & scabbard), remove any rings or other jewelry or rummage through their backpack.

Corpse Loot

The final form of looting is called Corpse Looting. Whenever you come across a corpse, you can take all items from the corpse which is not just limited to the items the corpse is wearing.

References Edit

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