Over at MMORPG, Caspian took some time out of development to squash a common conception that Chronicles of Elyria is just photoshop, and that the Developer Journals are nothing more than gloss and glam to fool us. [1]

You can see below the transition of concept to in-game rendition of their goals for this game. Including the main side-street used in a few DJs to showcase some different elements with the DJs released thus-far.

Street concept
Concept of the street

Street in-game 1
Early engine rendering of same street (minus some structures)

Street in-game 2
Another engine rendering of same street, you can see obvious design changes to the look and feel of this, showing it to be more established and 'aged'.

In addition you can also see the same scene above in a few other formats from within the Unreal Editor.

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