In Chronicles of Elyria, character attributes are divided up into three different dimensions that also change as you age. The three different dimensions are physical, mental, and social. Within each of those three dimensions your character’s attributes are further subdivided into aspects of force, reflex, and endurance. Force relates to how strong your character is along a specific dimension. Reflex defines your character’s ability to change the direction of their force or evade an opposed force. Endurance represents how long you can comfortably maintain or resist a force.


Attribute matrix.

Each skill in the game requires the use of one primary attribute, and up to two secondary attributes for a maximum of three. As you age, some skills naturally atrophy at a faster rate while others become easier to develop. Strength, Agility, and Stamina all become more difficult to maintain while Will, Reason, and Focus become easier. For social skills, it’s about half and half. Persuasion becomes harder to level (nobody listens to their elders), while both Intuition and Leadership beczome easier.

This change in attributes creates an interesting game dynamic. Those characters built solely around the physical skills will find they’re most effective in their youth. It’s during this time they are more likely to be out adventuring, risking their lives in the wilderness, or traveling as a merchant on dangerous highways.

At some point those physical activities will become more difficult. You’ll find you’re less able to hold your own in fights against the younger, more virile characters. This is part of the natural order.

In contrast, you’ll find skills that rely on your willpower, or prolonged focus, become significantly easier. You’ll be able to spend more time and become more effective in research and hobbies that require a keen eye. If you were able to build a kingdom, your venerable character will become more influential as your Leadership reaches an all-time high.[1]

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